What Are The Formalities To Shoot Bollywood Movies Abroad ?

We have watched many Bollywood movies, shot abroad and we really like them. Some of them were a big hit too. In such movies, we get the opportunity to catch the glimpse of other countries. This idea just popped into my mind that when we want to go to other countries, we need Passport and Visa. So when the crew needs to shoot a movie abroad, even they have to complete some formalities to soot, therefore, I thought to write this article for you. I have written in the title "Bollywood Movies", but it doesn't matter whether it's Bollywood movie or Hollywood or anything else. The process is the same for all.
Bollywood industry is counted as one of the biggest one around the world and with such huge following, any abroad country is tempted to promote their culture and cuisine to such vast Indian audience. Getting the approval to shoot abroad is not a great deal anymore. The first Bollywood movie Naaz was shot in England and Egypt during 1954 and thus it brought a new revolution in film-making. In today’s time, film-makers are preferring to shoot abroad as it is cheaper to shoot there in comparison to shooting in Mumbai.
Here is the process through which any filmmaker has to go before starting their shoot abroad. Some countries rule may vary a little but mostly the process is similar for all the countries.

A proposal has to be sent to the Local authority of that country where you want to shoot.

The proposal should consist of the complete script, a summary, list of the cast and crew, the location where you want to shoot and the duration of time when you will be shooting there.

If you are portraying any person who is alive, then you need to get a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the person and send the photocopy of the letter along with the proposal. In case the person is dead, it is advisable to take a pre-approval from the family members or relatives. 

The crew and the cast detail should include the dates of each person’s passport and the address where they will stay during their trip. All these information takes a month to get cleared by the Ministry of Information.

For the public locations you can take permission from the local authority but when you are shooting in public areas which are privately owned by a company, then you have to take permission from that company which is usually charged.

If you are shooting in any residential property or flat, take permission directly from the owner.

The equipment list is required for the Customs. If you forget something, you can always rent the equipment abroad. In case there is no availability, equipment can easily be imported.

A Liaison Officer is appointed by the Government of the country you are traveling, who will be present throughout the shoot and will help you to obtain permissions during the shoot. The appointed person ensures that no law is broken and things move forward smoothly.

While shooting, make sure that you stick to the script and do not make most changes, especially in the usage of materials because that will result in the break of the contract. In such situation always inform the local government to avoid problems in the later stages.

Ensure that all your formalities are done correctly and by the right medium. These are the basic formalities you require before shooting in any country abroad. There can be few changes for some countries but everything can run smoothly till the time you follow the above steps. 

So you see, So you see, even crew members have to complete some formalities before shooting their movie in other countries. What do you think about it? Please comment blew and tell us your reaction about it