You Write For Us And Get Paid

   Yes, you read above title. Lyrics Fundoo is giving the golden opportunity of earning extra income to those people who can write good. You just have to write an article for us. If your article is approved, payment will be sent to your Paytm wallet within 24 hours. So easy isn't it? 
   We will give you Rs 100 per article, if your article approved. We will publish your article on our website. Once we purchased your article from you, we will also purchase all the rights related to that article from you. Then you can't publish that article anywhere else. 

Important Instruction 
  • Article must be related to Bollywood, Movies, Music, Cinema etc.
  • Your article must be knowledgeable (In some cases we  may accept other articles also)
  • You can also submit articles about bizarre facts of Bollywood or Hollywood 
  • It should be your genuine article. Don't steal from others. But you can research on  the internet. 
  • Article should be in easy English so that everyone may understand it.
  • Your article must have quality content and must be grammatical and spelling error free. 

How To Send 
  • You will be paid Rs 100 per article
  • Payment will be sent to your Paytm wallet withing 24 hours 
  • We'll send you E-mail if your article is approved or not 
  • Send your article at with your payment details, Name, State. 
  • Your article must be from 1000 to 2000 words 
  • Entries are open 
   As we mentioned above, please send your name and state also. We will write your name and state under your article so that people may know who sent this article. There is no fee to submit your article. It is absolutely free and you can send as much articles as your want. There is no limit. 
   We mentioned above that your article must be knowledgeable but related to Bollywood, Hollywood, Movies, Music Cinema etc. For Example: How cinema halls earn money? How a full movie is prepared etc. In some cases we may accept the articles, which are not knowledgeable if we like them, but they must be related the categories, mentioned above. 

Privacy Policy 
If you are worried related to your personal information, so don't worry  your personal information is safe with us. You can check your privacy policy page here