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   Are you searching for any specific song lyrics and English meaning and you can't find it? You can request any song lyrics and its English translation or meaning. We will try to publish the lyrics and English meaning of your favorite songs as soon as possible right on Lyrics Fundoo. 

   We are here to serve you my best quality service. We take immediate action on our viewers' request because their satisfaction is our first priority. This service of ours is absolutely free, you don't have to spend a single penny. We will provide you best quality lyrics and English translation with short notes (if needed) so that you may understand the lyrics of the song perfectly.

   What makes us different from other sites is that we provide English translation in very easy English so that everyone may get it easily, besides we provide some shorts notes as well with lyrics so that you don't have to face any problem in understanding while reading the lyrics of the songs. 

   When you send us E-mail related to request lyrics, please mention "Lyrics Request" in the subject field of the E-mail so that we may have an idea why you sent us the mail. 

   Please send also the YouTube video link with the title of the song because sometimes it happens that there are two or more songs with the same title so it gets hard for us to recognize the song what you are talking about?

   You don't need to send lyrics if you need us to translate any particular song. We will see its lyrics ourselves. You don't have to take any burden on yourself until we are here. 

   It is not necessary that you can request an only latest song. You can also request old classic songs as well. We are here always ready to take your requests and we deal with our viewers request with respect. 

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