Privacy Policy

Virus and Malware
Our site is fully virus and malware free. You can come and surf our website without any worries. Every image and advertisement is virus free. We scan every containt of our website before uploading on our website

Secure Connection 
We concern for you security and privacy therefore we use https (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Securel) which boosts your security and privacy. Every activity of yours on our site is fully encrypted or hidden. We provide secure connection for our visitors therefore you can trust us with blind eyes.   

Information We Gather Automatically 
When you visit this site, certain non-personally identifying information is recorded automatically by the standard operation of our Internet servers. Information such as the type of browser being used, its operating system, and your computer's Internet Protocol address is gathered in order to facilitate our online operations and to assure an efficient online experience for you. 

Personal Information You Provide To Us 
When you give us your personal information like your E-mail id and phone number etc. We don't share them with anyone without your permission. When you contact us via E-mail, we keep you E-mail address safe and never share with anyone without your permission, or when you make payment for our translation service, at that time you share your personal information with us such as your name, E-mail id, phone number etc. These personal information of yours is safe with us. You don't have to worry about it a little. You can believe us. 

How Can Your Personal Information Be Used?
Your personal is used to provide you best service. When you request for lyrics, translation of songs etc, at that time we need your personal information to contact you or complete your requests. We are here for you and your personal information is safe with us.

There may be outside links on When you click one of those links, you get out of our website after that our responsibility ends. You are under our protection untill you are on our website but when you click on the link which take you to the outside from our website so you fully depend on that website where you are redirected and their privacy policy may be different.

Cookies we download
When you enter our site we automatically download some cookies to your computer. This is for giving you best service. It will increase loading speed of our website on your device. When you visit our website next time, it will open faster than first time. Because of this feature, you will be able to visit our website at low internet connection. 

Acceptance of This Privacy Policy 
By using this site, you consent to the collection and use of your Personal Information by in accordance with this Privacy Policy.