About Us

Lyrics Fundoo website was found in 2015 to serve you lyrics of Hindi Songs with English meanings and translations but now we also began to provide lyrics in Hindi as well when we notices that people are also searching lyrics in Hindi. 

We are providing latest Bollywood songs lyrics and their English translations as well as Golden classic songs lyrics with English Translations. 

Other Facilities 
People can also request their songs lyrics and English translation for free, if they can't find their favorite songs lyrics or English translation anywhere on the internet. 

We have also service of human translations where we translate your matter from Hindi to English or vice versa for very affordable price. 

What Makes Us Different 
There are so much things we do while translating songs which makes us different from other sites 

Short Notes: When we provide English translations of the songs we also provide you short notes if it is needed so that you may understand the song meanings properly 

Deep Meanings: We also provide you deep meanings or hidden meanings of the songs in short notes. You may have seen in many songs we have provided you them. Some songs are released for just entertainment and dancing purpose. Their lyrics are meaningless. It is a little bit tough to translate such songs.

LRC File: Recently we have begun to provide you lrc files of the latest songs. You can add the lrc file to your mp3 songs and enjoy the kereoke lyrics. Modern android or any other smart phones playerers support lrc file. 

Our Mission 
       As you know we are translating Hindi songs in English so that Hindi songs may reach to more and more people. More people can understand Hindi or Bollywood songs perfectly. But We can't do it alone. If your English is good please correct our lyrics if we make any mistake. Provide us lyrics and their English translations. It will be much appreciated. 
     We don't want people to understand our songs in a wrong way therefore you see any mistake from us please instantly notify us we'll correct those lines as soon as possible. We don't want to serve bad English translations to the people. Please help us to reach our Hindi songs to the more and more people in the word
     You can't make comment under the lyrics for making those lyrics correct only you please directly send us E-mail. We'll check your lyrics first and replace it if we like your changes.