How Songs Are Shot In Music Industries - Whole Song Making Process

Full process of music production step by step

Hindi movie songs that we view are the sophisticated output of a long drawn artistic process.
It starts with the conceptualization part. The director, assistant directors together decide on the requisite for the creation of the movie song. The producer has to okay the budget for the video spectacle.
Once the necessary approvals from the producers (stand-alone, media production houses) are in place, the real process of shooting the music video starts.
For this songs or songs, the baton is now passed over to the music director. He will now be the head of the teams arranging the background vocalists, instrument players, sound recording engineers, mixers and editors for this album.
He will now search for the music composer to create the backbone i.e. the melody of the song. The music director will liven up this basic melody by adding instruments to it.
Lyricists will provide the much-needed exquisite lyrics to this basic arrangement. This will form the first physical part of the product. Famous lyricists like Irshad Kamal (Of Bhaage Re Mann from Chameli), Prasson Joshi  (Rare Zameen), (Rang de Basanti) or Amitabh Bhattacharya (Dev D) are some of the contemporary famous lyric writers. Through their lyrics, they express the underlying mood, love or any message that the movie propagates. The guidelines for the lyrics are set via discussion between lyricists, director (who visualizes the whole story) and producer. Once the guidelines are in place, it is now up to him to produce the magic words to express the visuals.
Meanwhile the music director experiments with his pre-prepared tracks for the song. Once the lyrics have come and have been approved by the music director, scratch artistes are brought in to render their voice to the ready-made tracks. This is also done for elimination or ringing in changes perfect the existing format of the song
Once the song’s format, lyrics, music arrangements and tracks have been finalized, the actual singer steps in to record on the pre-mixed tracks. This is done in parts and professionally. Often it so happens that the lead singer does not know on whom the song will be pictured or who will sing the complementary part of the duet. She/he is like a machine that does only the allocated part. Modern day gadgets like tone analyzers and changers will transform the raw version into an ear –perfect rendition.
While the songs are being produced, the video production process for this song also advances simultaneously.
The team of director and his AD decide on the ART DIRECTOR for the visualization. The art director is the person-in-head who will lead a team of location scouts, set designers, set constructors, etc.
The location scouts together with the director and the art –director surveys the final spot for the outdoor location of the song. That is where the set is to be created.
The budget for the set is approved.
The Conceptual Artist takes ideas from the storyboard and now creates a vivid, detailed description of the set in illustration. The set-builder is called in for discussion on the basic set. The set director, working under the art director by now has studied extensively about the time-period on which the song is based, the fashion in vogue at that time and the instruments or household items that were used in the time-period of that song. The locale where the song is based is very important because different places use different items. Even in India, a Bengali household will be very different form Oriya family.
The set director brings life to the empty set. Whether the set is of a school campus,  a hostel, a house or a park, the set directors arrange for all the objects in minute details so that in the film the set looks completely authentic. The “props-Master” is responsible for all the props that are actually handled by the actors in that scene.

Meanwhile, the costume designer is busy with his team of assistants and the costume-tailors. The dresses have been planned after detailed discussion with the director and the assistant director. The dresses are colour –coordinated or contrasting. A lot of planning goes in the making of the dress. It is matched with the time-period, the locale of the shooting and the character itself. After using the dresses are kept in a trunk, labeled with tags so that they are easily identified later. Sometimes the designer takes back those dresses back for reference or further use. Otherwise, when the need arises they are taken out of the trunk, re-stitched or partially used in combination with other dress at other films.  At times, the actors take a part of their costume as memoirs.
 Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Manish Malhotra, Tarun Tahiliani are some of the famous costume designers of Hindi film industry.
Gowns, sherwanis, tops, lehengas, dinner jackets, banggala jackets or coats are some of the commonly used fashion accessories in our Hindi industry.
Set building for the song is an elaborate process. The sets previously built were more of palace types complete with the spiral staircase; However, contemporary sets are a much more realistic replica of aam-admi places. For building them perfectly, the set designer or the art director visits and inspects the place he wants to replicate, very minutely. Every piece of detail is noted for reproduction. Then via computers, a scaled down model is built. After this, the set designer takes over and arranges for all the props to make the set look totally authentic.
The set has to be built in such a way that it allows electrical and other cables to pass through. It allows changes in lighting conditions during the actual shoot. Space is kept for behind the camera movement of people or the actors. Circulation of air to keep the set within manageable temperature is kept in mind while designing the set.
The prop master is responsible for keeping ready those items used physically by actors during the shooting.
The set director gives the contract to set builders for constructing the set as per his specifications.
The light man, lighting engineers are responsible for lighting up the sets in a safe manner. Otherwise, incidents of electrical equipment catching fire are high.
During the shooting, the music director and the director of the film is in overall charge. However, the actual photography or filming is done by the DOPs. Director of Photography is responsible for capturing the actual film on camera. He and his team decide the technical aspects of filming, like the camera to be used (Arri Alexa, Panavision, Canon), the lenses and the lighting conditions. He makes these decisions based on the light conditions during a shot, colour separation needed, focussing needs and picture clarity or resolution of the camera. He also decides on camera type to be used (handheld, drone, remote, body).
During the actual shooting, the choreographer is in charge of the physical moves. Mostly, the choreographers themselves are fabulous dancers’ e.g.  Farha Khan, Ahmed Khan, and Farzana. The choreographer decides the moves (dance or otherwise) of all the actors (lead or background) to be executed during the shot.
Once the shots are over, the editor and the sub-editor now work on shortening and editing the raw footage of that song. During editing the song may be re-engineered, re-mixed and portions may undergo video editing to improve their visual and sound quality. Soundtracks may be added and scenes may be chopped.
The special –effects team now adds the required effects to the song. If the song had been envisaged to have special effects, the shooting is previously done in such a way that the special effects can be added later. For this, you will frequently see actors perform in front of a green rectangular backdrop. This green rectangle will be filled with special effect characters or visual spectacles at this stage.
Once all the post-production part is complete, then the music video company and the promoters for the film concentrates on publicizing this musical spectacle on social media to garner positive publicity for the film. A lot of times it has happened so that the songs have been more popular than the film itself.