Ishare Tere Lyrics & Translation - Guru Randhawa, Dhvani Bhanushali

Ishare Tere Song Lyrics And English Translation
Ishare Tere Lyrics and English translation by Guru Randhawa and Dhvani Bhanushali, music by Guru Randhawa as well and lyricist of the song is Guru Randhawa too, released on 25 july 2018 by T Series 

Song Credits:
Singer: Guru Randhawa, Dhvani Bhanushali
Music: Guru Randhawa
Lyricist: Guru Randhawa
Music Label:  T-Series

Lyrics And English Translation
Let be, let be aside
Let me know, let me know your mind
Would you give me little love tonight?

Ishare tere kangne ne
Tarike dil mangne ne
Mera vi dil chori kitta
Fan tera ban gya ye (x2)

Indications of your bangles, 
Your ways of luring hearts
Stole my heart as well
This heart became your fan

Sayiya tere her gal jhoothi yan
Tere hath vich kis di anguthi yan
Harr kudi naal ve tu gall karda
Ja ja ve main tere naal ruthi yan

Dear, your every talk is fake
Whose ring is in your finger
You talk to every girl
Go away, I am sullen with you

(You) Following my every move
No matter what I do
(You) Call me kind of back on loop
(You call me repeatedly)
Baby Now I'm falling for you

Baby tere smile priceless
baby tere dress backless
lakhan da ha tere nekless
Kar da hai menu impress (x2)

Baby your smile priceless
Baby your dress backless
Your reckless is for lacks 
It all makes me impressed 

Main tera hi deewanna yan
Te janda jammana yan
Tu mere baby lover banja
Pyar ker ke dekhana yan

You are only in my heart
The world knows it
You be my baby girl
Come and love me

Main tere ware sab jandi
Tujhe her kudi haandi
Tu mere piche gede maar da
Tere haath naiyo ana yan

I know everything about you
Every girl stares at you
You follow me everywhere
I won't get in your trap

Akhiyaan milake ignore kar di
khendi menu gallan teri bore kar di
Choti choti gall kitta shor kar di

You ignore after making romantic eye-contact
You say, my talks bore you
You make big issues of minor matters

Ishare tere kangne ne
Tarike dil mangne ne
Mera vi dil chori kitta
Fan tera ban gaya ye

Following my every move
Hitman, what I do
Call me kinda back on loop
Baby Now I'm falling for you

Ishare mere kangne ne
Tarike dil mangne ne
Tera vi dil chori kitta
Fan tera ban gya oye…..

Indications of my bangle
My ways of luring hearts
Stole your heart too
I became your fan

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