Ek Galti Song Lyrics & Translation - Race 3

ek galti song lyrics and English translation from Race 3 SALMAN KHAN
Ek Galti song lyrics and English translation from the movie Race 3, sung by Shivai Vyas, and lyricist of this song is Shivai Vyas, Shanky

Song: Credits:
Movie: Race 3
Singers: Shivai Vyas
Lyricists: Shivai Vyas, Shanky

Lyrics and English Translation 
Tera raasta dekhti hain aankhein
Aur tera hi intezar karein
Agar aa jaaye tu saamne
Tera hi deedar karein

Eyes see your path (when will you come)
And wait for you 
If you come before me
Eyes stare at only you
Deedar means to watch

Teri aankhon ko meri aankhon ne
Chupke se sab kuchh kehna hai
Tujhko sab apna maan kar
Tere dil mein hi bas rehna hai

My eyes want to say everything
Secretly to your eyes
Considering you own
I just want to live in your heart

Rootha hai dil, toota to nahi
Toota bhi ho, jhootha to nahi
Mere dil ko tujhse pyar hai
Tere dil ko mujhe pyar hai

Heart is sulky, not broken
Even if it's broken, but not impure
My heart is in love with you
Your heart is in love with me

Haan ho gayi galti mujhse
Main janta hoon
Par ab bhi tujhe main
Apni jaan maanta hoon
Ek aakhiri mauka de mujhe
Aaj bhi main tujhe
Apni shaan maanta hoon
Jaan maanta hoon

Yeah I made a mistake
I know that
But still I consider you my life
Give me an another chance
Still I consider you my prestige
Consider you my prestige

Haan galti kar di maine
Par diya pyar bhi kitna maine
Main insan hoon na bhagwan hoon
Galti hi ki hai, kiya na gunah maine

Yes, I made a mistake
But I also gave you love
I am neither human nor God
I made a mistake, not committed a crime

Jhagda hai pehla
Ise aakhiri na hone doonga
Galti bhi maan li maine
Aise na jaane doonga
Sach yeh narazgi hai
Maine tera dil dukhaya
Par jaan le itna tu bhi
Tere bina main na reh paya

There is first quarrel
I won't let it be last
I admitted my mistake
I won't let you go like this
This wrath should be
I hurt your feelings
But let me tell you that
I couldn't live without you 

Yaadon mein teri aankhein
Aankhon mein teri yaadein
Dhoondhe tera chehra din bhar
Phir raat ko teri yaadein
Yeh aankhein paagal ho gayi
Inko samjhaun kaise
Kitna hai pyar rani
Kaise bataun kaise, kaise

Your eyes in memories
Your memories in eyes
Search for your face whole day
Then at night, your memories
These eyes have gone mad
How do I make them understand
How deep my love is 
How do I tell, how how

Mujh mein nahi hoon main tere bina
Tujhse hi hoon main oh meri jaan
Tu mohabbat, tu hai jannat
Teri zarurat hai yahan
Teri khamoshi hai leti
Jaan mere haan is dil ki
Saans bhi na le sakoon main
Oh jaan-e-jaan tere bina

I am not myself without you
My existence is from you, my beloved
You're love, you're paradise
You are needed here
Your absense kills this heart
I can't even take breath
Oh beloved, without you 

Teri yaadon ko kisi kone mein
Chhupa nahi sakta hoon main
Tere chehre ki woh muskaan ko
Bhula nahi sakta hoon

I can't hide your memories
In any corner
I can't forget that smile on your face

Haan ho gayi galti mujhse
Main janta hoon
Par ab bhi tujhe main
Apni jaan maanta hoon
Ek aakhiri mauka de mujhe
Aaj bhi main tujhe
Apni shaan maanta hoon

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